Aparaa is a global information technology company that delivers smart and simple technology solutions to complex business challenges. Aparaa partners with small, medium, and large organizations to help and solve their business challenges. Aparaa’s approach is built on the success of using the right combination of strategy, resources, process, and technology for each client to meet the specific needs and deliver the client expectations.

Aparaa was formed in 2004 by merging a few entities founded by executives whose careers each span over 15 years in the software and information technology services industry. The common thread among the merged entities and founding executives is that each one is known for their dedication to building long-term relationships with their clients and their entrepreneurial spirit. They brought that dedication and spirit to Aparaa and infused these fundamentals into our vision and mission.

Aparaa focuses on deploying an infrastructure that will support your organization as it moves into the future. Our proven, well-disciplined, and flexible methodology is success-driven and focused on our client’s immediate and long-term needs. This, combined with our seasoned trainers, resources, and consultants have enabled us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

There are three characteristics that distinguish us from our competitors:

  • Dedication to rapid implementation

Today’s economy demands faster implementations with a faster ROI. Our implementation philosophy is to guide the customer through a rapid implementation while targeting a robust and effective production system. To do that we form project teams with consultants who have several implementations under their belts. This aids customers by keeping the overall implementation costs down and by keeping the go-live date (and the ROI) in the foreseeable future.

  • A positive and enthusiastic attitude

Each engagement an employee partakes in adds to the individual’s knowledge and skill set. This invaluable experience and knowledge translates into an optimistic attitude – no matter what the challenge – that our clients benefit from. Our employees bring with them a “best practices” skill set that gives them the advantage when developing complex solutions.

  • Emphasis on high quality and client relationship

We understand that the greatest success stories come from implementations completed on time, within budget and that meet internal and external quality standards. That’s why our focus is on bringing our clients the best available solutions, reinforced by the right technology and talent. Our consultants routinely build long-term relationships with our clients by consistently surpassing client expectations, high standards of project performance and engendering customer satisfaction. Our professional consultants, our reputable implementation methodologies and toolsets have created an unrivaled community of referenceable clients.